GLOW at Zanzibar – First post of 2014!!!

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Happy New Year world!  This is not only the first post of 2014, but also the first one of FARAHSTOP – The Review.

I LOVE doing music and nightlife photography, not only it provides me a myriad of music influences but it allows me to share what I lived through the night. I ended 2013 and started 2014 shooting at one of my favorite venues in greater Los Angeles, Zanzibar.

This night was titled GLOW it it was certainly that, black light, neon accessories and all kinds of freebies to their guests to be glowing along this spot.  It isn’t difficult at all to visually document a crowded night, at venues filled enough to let you feel the heat in a comfortable space, but also to be surrounded by a stellar staff that know how to do their job.  In big cities you may come across with security bullies but that is not the case at all at Zanzibar, not only these guys look spiffy but they make you feel welcomed and take care of you (dancer, drinker, staff) all night.  Don’t give em reasons to get on your case tho, they do their security thing.

A favorite of the night was the awesome host, KGSuperstar dancing along with the glowing dancers and singing along with the crowd.  DJ Cali and DJ Looney brought heavy hitters that the audience would grind along with and oh yeah, we popped (abundant) champagne! Major MAJOR respect to the woman behind the glowing light, Destiney Rose.  Building such a fantastic atmosphere from behind the scenes and from the view point of  the audience is made possible thanks to the creativity and dedication of caring leaders such as Destiney.  There were tons of options to ring 2014 in Los Angeles, I am glad to have shared such a special transition with this crowd.

The slideshow above is just a preview of the night… for even more photos, visit FARAHSTOP

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