Funky Sole ft DJ Greg Belson + Djs Cris Cado & Dj Ghost 01’11’2014 – Review

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On January 11 I made a late, short, punctual stop at Funky Sole, LA’s premiere raw/funk soul party. 1960s – Now sounds.   While Mean Mr. Mustard was holding it down in the patio along with guest backyard DJs Ghost and Cado, DJ Chico was getting his groove on… and inside, cupcakes were getting lit up to celebrate the life of resident DJ Music Man Miles (Rootdown/Breakestra).  Clifton aka DJ Soft Touch (Sonic, Underground, Transistor) was getting his funk looking classy -as always- on the dance floor.   My visit was short, yet long enough to get the energy of the crowd stoked to celebrate the life of the Music Man.  I wasn’t gonna to my FARAHSTOP thing, I went to share birth day hugs, but then my photographer friend Chuck Chilla says “you shoot, I video the candle…”; guest DJ Greg Belson then announced the life celebration and that’s what happened.

For even more photos visit the photo blog FARAHSTOP.

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