FUNKY SOLE ft DJ Beyondadoubt, Hosted by Binky Griptite (Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings) 01’18’14 – Review

Funky Sole is some sort of funk ritual on Saturdays.  If you want a good time, with good music and have a rare taste, this is your spot.  You may not come back in a minute for whatever reasons life gives you, but you will come back and get your dose of funk.  This time, it had a little extra grooviness (are we still using this word? groovy? I’m going to … ) with the gracious hosting of Binky Griptite from Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings who had the crowd eager for a spot on the stage and show their dancing skills in exchange of music merch in his bag of gifts.  I like bouncing form inside to the patio, the dancers lit by a few burnt light bulbs in the patio go nuts thanks to Funky Sole’s outdoor selectors. When I go back in, I get to catch Miles, Clifton and the inside crowd drenched in sweat (and perhaps spilled drinks).  As I get high on dancers and watchers I find a fantastic female DJs behind the turntables and discover DJ Beyondadoubt. Nancy (Funky Sole Crew and a million things more) tells me she saw her in New Orleans and insisted to Music Man Miles on having her at Funky Sole.

It was fun!!!!!

Stay tuned for the next Funky Sole adventure, in the meantime check ALL the pics at FARAHSTOP the photo archive.

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