Mayer Hawthorn (DJ Set) at Sonos Studio 11’23’14 – Review

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I shoot and write for GrimyGoods (GG), an online music magazine covering the hottest shows in Los Angeles.  We got the invite to cover Mayer Hawthorne having a chat at Sonos Studio in regards to the art of his albums, music influences and a DJ Set at the end.   I wrote a review for GG and you can find it right here.  In this review blog of mine, I’m just gonna share that I ended up dazzled by this gentleman.  His appreciation for the art of vinyl is beyond evident and he brought a selection of 45’s only, you know, the little vinyls, and THAT gave him an additional special place in my heart.  And yes, he is a soulful singer, producer, music maker and I’m looking forward to the future where GG or whichever other publication sends me to shoot a live show of his.

The bunch of photos published will always have a special place at FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.  Check it out!!!

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One thought on “Mayer Hawthorn (DJ Set) at Sonos Studio 11’23’14 – Review

  1. […] shooting Mayer Howthorn’s interview at SONOS and loving his al 45′s set I was determined to try something fresh.  The night was still […]

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