RUBBISH ft Chantal Claret 01’23’14 – Review

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After shooting Mayer Howthorn’s interview at SONOS and loving his all 45’s set I was determined to try something fresh.  The night was still young and I didn’t feel like hitting my usual spots.  My friend DJ Clifton / Soft Touch was going to be at Skinny’s in North Hollywood spinning at Rubbish along with DJ Cassandra Nea.  Rubbish is a night with 60’s throwback with britpop, soul and indie influences.   The spot was not super crowded and looked and smelled like a lounge from a few decades ago (or so I felt).  On point DJ sets catered to the environment and on the stage suddenly started Chantal Claret.  Her Big 60’s beat, short black dresses, chorus girls, drummer guy and background sounds guided from the dj booth were extremely 2014-60s-fresh! her energy, vocals, attitude and the talented back up singers  overtook the crowd that at this point had swarmed the place and Chantal’s mini dress continuously pulling up gave it an extra pinch of sexy.  I want more…

Highlight:  Star gazing.  Juliette Lewis was in the house.

Do check out the entire set of photos at FARAHSTOP the music photography archive, you won’t regret it.

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