PANJABI MC + Violinder, Dhol Nation & DJs Rishi, Nitro and Sandeep Kumar, 02’07’14 – Review

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I’ve been a fan of Bhangra music for a while, the beat takes me to different influences from across the globe and have a great deal of respect for those who dare do something exceptional with it.  In the late 90’s when the song “Mundian to Bach Ke” became popular played on mainstream radio stations, I learned about Panjabi MC.  The sounds were not mainstream at all, but were catchy and would make you want to move to a mix of bhangra, hip hop and worldly sounds.

A few weeks back I heard that Sandeep Kumar and Ziba Music were bringing Panjabi MC to Los Angeles I knew I had to go to this show.  From my own observation, I see a big bhangra and other Asian influenced movements taking place in Los Angeles (tonight I’m actually going to shoot an amazing Indian songstress! but let that be my next post).

The Dragonfly in Hollywood was packed with eager attendees wanting to move their shoulders and jump. They got it. Although some top 40’s were played, the must successful tunes that got the crowd going were those from far lands, rich in melody and music culture.  The lineup went as follows:  DJ Rishi, DJ Nitro, Sandeep KumarViolinder/Dhol Nation and Panjabi MC. All did their thing fantastic tho major props go to Violinder and Dhol Nation on their musicianship skills playing along with the DJs tracks.  Masterful.  PMC was all we expected, reaching peaks of emotion in the beautiful crowd (yes beautiful, check photos, tons of beautiful people right there).    Check one of my favorite tracks bellow and for even more photos please visit FARAHSTOP the music photography archive.

Highlight:  Wonderful hosts!  every party needs a great host.

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