Sheela Bringi CD release at Blue Whale 02’11’14 – Review

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If angels exist, they must sing like Sheela Bringi.

Blue Whale hosted a beautiful night of music celebrating the release of Sheela Bringi‘s new album Incantations.  This night combined influences from the two souths as Sheela along with her producer Clinton Patterson blended indian melody and southern songs feel to a night filled with beauty.

Los Angeles is a magnificent city of music and when visiting Blue Whale you can expect high quality performances with flawless levels.  This was Sheela Bringi’s night, accompanied by Aditya Prakash (another amazing singer), Ben Shepherd, Gene Coye, Leonice Shinneman (creator of his own form of tabla), Jon Armstrong  and Micah Sheiner (carrier of beautiful instruments you’ll find in the photos).  The event was filled with anecdotes, stories and skillful sounds that demonstrate long hours of dedication.

I had the Clifton – Sheela experience before as Prema Soul and I am excited to be a witness the growth these incredible musicians are reaching.   To get a little taste of Sheela Bringi check out the video bellow and for even more photos, please visit FARAHSTOP the music photography archive.

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