BRAZILIAN CARNAVAL: WORLD CUP 2014 at Club Nokia, 03’01’14

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BUNDÃ! … I’ve heard this word before, ass in Portuguese, but I think I understand it even better when I have a beautiful woman, sparkling in green and yellow (Brazilian fairy dust?) dancing to the beat of Samba and crazyHigh high heels,  with a big gorgeous smile. I’m really diggin carnival season… so colorful and vibrant and energetic and healthy! I can only imagine how overwhelming it would be for me to be shooting in Brazil for Carnival!!! visual overdose.

Los Angeles has done it beautifully and I was ecstatic to be doing my FARAHSTOP thing at the Brazilian Carnival: World Cup 2014 at Club Nokia organized by Brazilian Nights.  The guests of the night were received by Batala Los Angeles, ain’t that fancy? Not only there were fantastic dancers engaging the audience  but there were also soccer players from the LA Galaxy doing soccer things on stage throughout the night. DJ Chris Brazil behin the decks kept the night linked through baile funk, carioca bass and many other beats that made your bundã move.  Electrico Carnival Band was a sweet surprise; I was thrilled with their switch to heavy metal to one man pandeiro. This band kept the crowd dancing and some of my favorite images are from this performance.  It was seriously exciting. In addition, the presence of the LA Samba Dancers would add so much sexiness to the already steamy night.  If this is LA, how would I feel about Brazil??? I’m loooooving carnival.  Batala took over again with a heavy drum line making the audience shake their bundã.  Brasilidade was as intense as the night itself and I’ve had a blast working this photos.

Tonight (03’08’14… happy international day of women btw) I am shooting my last Carnival of this 2014 season with the Pomona cats from Beats of All Nations and I’m looking forward to the energy of the people of the night taking over the streets, making a killer community party!

For even more photos check out FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.

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