Nicole Atkins + Arc Iris 03’05’14 – Review

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I got lazy on writing this post.  I kept thinking about how lovely Nicole Atkins was, this NJ based singer / songwriter is a top notch performer and has a ver unique style, no wonder she is going on tour with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The Bootleg Bar welcomed her with a Los Angeles audience that loves her songs and sings along. Nicole is a keeper.  Arc Iris opened for her and this is what troubled me most. What to say about Arc Iris.

I shoot and write for this awesome online magazine called grimygoods and when I did my write up there I didn’t have the right words to comment much on Ms Iris. I was dazzled by Nicole Atkins and the entire band hitting the strings of those guitars like if it was an intense last day of their lives.  Magnificent passionate lovely.Opening act was some sort of retro futuristic acid psych followed by a soft and tender female childlike voice that I know I’ve heard a long time ago, and according to @nprmusic followers comments, Leslie Hall did the look that Arc Iris was working with before (golden onsie).  The blend was nice, but the performance was confusing between Arc Iris switching instruments multiple times and that uncertainty of fresh ideas. I insist, the blend of music was nice tho so keep that in mind… with your eyes closed… otherwise…

Moving on from this intricate yet delightful sort of confusion, I’ll leave you with a Nicole Atkins song: The Way It Is, so painfully intense and full of love.  If you’d like to see more photos and only photos after photos, please visit FARAHSTOP the music photography archive.

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