Re:Fresh x Beats of All-Nations :: Pomona’s 4th Annual Brazilian Carnival 03’08’14

I’ve been having a great time working with music people into the  greater Los Angeles carnival events. Healthy bodies, beats that inevitably make your body move, smiles all over the place, Color! … yeah, I liked 2014’s carnival.

Lucky me I got to get out of Los Angeles for a minute, still hyped on samba dancers and brazilian over dose of music shot the previous week.  I went to photograph theRe:Fresh x Beats of All-Nations :: Pomona’s 4th Annual Brazilian Carnival, a now established celebration of the season taking over streets at Pomona Art Walk, just about 30-35miles away from LA.  Fellow Subsuelo Crew DJ Ethos was set to do the Cuts at Re:Fresh while residents Mike Styles, Gabe Real, JB and Subira orchestrated the sounds of the night.  The first heavy banger happened on the streets when the ladies from Tropicaleiza a 15-piece Afro-Samba Drum and Dance group  who started hitting their drums batucada style in a small parade that quickly filled their path with an attentive crowd.  When reaching DBA256 the night immediately turned into a hot popping party where sambistas, capoeristas, percussionist and killer DJs brought beats from the South of the continent to the Pomona Arts Colony. 

There’s a moment in every party when the crowd connects with the music and things begin to flow together.  Here, that moment did not happen, it was there beginning til end with a constant engagement with the performers of the night that would easily blend with any Body in attendance getting down to Samba, hip hop, funk and any other mix in between that kept us All sweating till the venue kicked us out.

Carnival 2015 I’m looking at you already (maybe in Brazil?)!  For now, I’m gonna leave you with a selection of photos from this colorful incredibly fun night with Beats of All Nations.  If you would like to check out the whole thing, beginning to end, photo after photo after photo, please visit FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive. 

Highlight of the night:   Finding really old friends on the Pomona streets 🙂  … oh, and someone gave me an avocado at the very end of the night.

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