DEEP LA ft Osunlade 03’15’2014

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Not too long ago I learned that Osunlade, DJ, producer and more, was behind the production of Rico Suave back in the late 80’s… remember it?  Back in the day it was poppin, I think I even knew the lyrics.   Years later Osunlade founded Yoruba Records following a more soulful conviction into his music that went beyond corporate demands.  He was creating music to elevate the soul.

Deep LA is a sanctuary for house music lovers and hosted an incredible night at King King featuring Osunlade.  Their claim of bringing the finest soulful electronic music DJs and artists from around the world comes alive every time without failing and I had the pleasure to work with its founder, Marques Wyatt, documenting this union of tribes.  Big Cee got the crowd warmed up, Keith Evan drove them wild, and Osunlade had everyone going DEEP.  For even more photos visit FARAHSTOP the music photography archive.  I’m truly looking forward to the opportunity to photograph another DEEP night where house music truly lives.

Highlight:   Osunlade spinning Jose Marquez‘ forthcoming mix of Sucre Sacre by Trinidad Senolia, good stuff.


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