SUBSUELO ft StarRo, Rani D, DJ Dus & Aztlan Quetzal 03’19’14 – Review

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Subsuelo is all about getting down with global and having high caliber guests.  The past 3rd Wednesday of the month was a clear example of this when StarRo (Soulection), Rani D (Soul in the Park), DJ Dus (Peligrosa) and Aztlan Quetzal (LNL) provided the sounds of the night.

If you didn’t know, StarRo is a solo project of Downtempo, Folktronica, Hip Hop by producer Shinya Mizoguchi from the record label Soulection… fantastic live multi instrumentalist; he started the night bringing us to places we did not know creating an atmosphere with a unique display of live beat making.   Now in music mood, Subsuelo transition to the signature hiphop-flamenco display highly welcomed by the audience.   I’m gonna play favorites a bit as the night went on with Rani D, who I met while Soul in The Park was being held in Highland Park. Anywhere he goes, I dig his selections.  Although Rani has moved to other projects, I would play his monthly Tizita Radio show all day long… it was a pleasure hearing him at such an intimate space.  El Dusty aka DJ Dus from the global bass crew Peligrosa (TX) brought all that nu-cumbia-latin-trap heavy  energy to Subsuelo dropping one gem after the other, transitioning from traditional to post modern tropical sounds… now I wanna go to Austin and live his crazy awesome energy right there! Major Wow.   Last but not least the night ended with Aztlan Quetzal from the party animals / music lovers crew Late Night Laggers… Aztlan’s sounds make me feel like I’m on a music video, a rowdy one.    This night was just the preamble of what was to come 2 days after… but I’ll tell you about that later. For all the photos of the night please visit FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.

Subsuelo is every 3rd Wednesday of the month… but beware, there are extraordinary one offs at different Los Angeles spots that you should know about, so pay attention.

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