Hometown HiFi Exhibition Opening ft Mad Professor & Jeremy Sole + guests, 03’20’14

March 20 was a remarkable day for reggae in Los Angeles.  Our beloved Reggae Pops  died early morning.  I was personally conflicted between sadness and happiness.  He said not to be sad and I couldn’t avoid it.  But one good thing about music… you know. Anyhow, I will perhaps write later on about Reggae Pops but in the mean time on let me share about this intense day.


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Sonos Studio had the opening of the Hometown HiFi Exhibition celebrating Jamaican sound system culture.  Huge speakers occupied the room as well as old photography prints, vintage televisions, and art installations  displaying elements of the dub and sound system culture.  A big highlight of the night was having King Tubby’s original sound system that was shipped from the UK and is in the US for the first time.  The sound that came from it was… distorted, different, but once a bit more into the music you’d get over it and sway to the sweet sounds of dub.  It’s owner, Mr. Jeremy Collingwood was the only one to play it, and that’s all good, he took us places.   We moved right after to a different sound system where Jeremy Sole and Damon Aaron took us to a different level of sound with very heavy tunes that left our ears buzzing to dub. I left earlier than I wanted, but I still got to catch Neil Fraser aka Mad Professor creating live… I did miss a Mad Professor x Scientist (unexpected) set, but thanks to todays social media I got to find a bit of in on Instagram.   Sweet music to have Reggae Pops in mind, no?    To see all the photos please visit FARAHSTOP the music photography archive.  “Hometown Hi Fi” curated by Seb Carol will run at Sonos Studio through April 24 and is open to the public Wednesday – Sunday from 12-6pm.

Highlight of the day:  An incredible sunset as I drove to Sonos. Reggae Pops was resting.


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