Redbull Panamerika ft Ana Tijoux, Kumbia Queers & Subsuelo, 03’21’14

My name is Farah Sosa and I shoot and write for this online magazine called Grimy Goods.  I love how my editor is open to include music of different influences hence the show at The Echo with Subsuelo, Kumbia Queers and Ana Tijoux was included in the content.  I already wrote a review with how to show went at GG and you an find it right HERE.


Subsuelo is a crew of artists including dancers, musicians, djs, and visual stuff.  I’m proud to be part of this team documenting our happenings.  Events like this one keep me inspired to keep doing what we do.  I always insist that Subsuelo is also the audience and the energy was mighty High at the Echoplex with dancers filling the space of this sold out show.    What a way to put talent together, Subsuelo keeping things bumpy and sexy with the global bass – flamenco – hip hop flavor, Kumbia Queers driving the crowd nuts with their tropipunkfever and Ana Tijoux strong mc, mother, human being and more.

2 days after this show I was still pretty beat.  The party ends when everyone picks up their  gear and security is eager to lock the bar hence yeah, the exhaustion and long-lasting energetic effect of the night.  I did a first draft of images and now I’m done and looking forward to the next Subsuelo madness near You.  To see all the photos please visit FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.


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