Reggae Pops Life Celebration – 03’23’2014

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Reggae Pops died March 20th, 3 weeks ago, and many of the Los Angeles music community is still longing him dearly.  Nemecio Jose Andujar, uncle Joe, Pops, however we called him was an example of living life at the fullest and doing what makes you happy.  We met him at a concert, at a party, at  festival, at some dance night, at an underground and he was always smiling, dancing and giving guys and girls advice about life.  We have stories on him, on how we met him, how he influenced our life. After a few decades spending time and money on the racetrack and just working, he discovered music, reggae through his neighbor’s son.  There was no going back after that, music became his thing, your party had a stamp of approval when Reggae Pops was in la casa.

Since mid 2013 I learned that Reggae Pops had pancreatic cancer.  I cried when he told me and he insisted to remind him smiling and happy and we took a photo “like this, remember me like this”. It was a Sunday afternoon, sun was shining. He cleaned my tears and made me go for a walk around Chinatown.  Life gave me the opportunity to have free time, enough to drive of his home, share water, food, talks, history, family, love, call each other and such.    He chose to go holistic and take vitamins during his life with cancer, maybe that gave him extra time, I don’t know.  A few weeks back before his passing he got hit at hit and run accident Sunday morning on his way to church. Although he seemed well (no culprit found btw), his health began to deteriorate.

The last party I took photos at where Pops was still strong enough to come out was at the 4th year anniversary of theLift; I got there just in time to see Erykah Badu give him a hug.  Although he was on a wheel chair, he was moving and happy.  A couple of weeks later his health got weaker and even if we knew it was going to happen, it was hard to believe that it did.  I have been sad and have not posted any photos,  and that’s ok, we all have our ways to mourn.  Many efforts to honor Reggae Pops have happened across the City of Angeles, I only went to the first one as is kinda thought reliving that he is no longer physically around.  On this one night a few days after his passing, it was nice to feel the warmth of music he loved by DJs who appreciated his presence and people dancing, remembering him.   For even more photos of this night at the Del Monte Speakeasy please visit FARAHSTOP the music photography archive.

With much respect, here’s just a little of Reggae Pops in my life.

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