SUBSUELO first residents night Ever, 04’16’14 – Review

I call them my DJs but in really, they are The Subsuelo DJs and even when sharing a monthly dance party these guys had not had an exclusive night behind the turntables until now. Subsuelo has been on the Los Angeles music map since 36 months ago, the anniversary will be celebrated on May 21st with very heavy guests, secret and announced… but in the mean time and after almost 3 years of life, it was time for these guys to take over.

All Subsuelo DJs have very unique flavors although lean towards heavy bass beats (of course) and tropical sounds from all over globe as music is universal and global bass is reaching many corners. DJ Ethos, Canyonazo, DJ Gozar and DJ Gazoo brought a night with a lot of heat keeping the crowd dancing, myself included which is sort of rare as I’m continuously checking out my surroindings for The photo of the night, however my DJs made putting the camera down inevitable.  There are Subsuelo events coming, big ones that the Los Angeles will want to hear about.  For the rest of the photos of the night please visit FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.

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