GURRISONIC recording session 05’01’14

Starting my  month with a beautiful recording session was pure bliss.  Los Angeles-based drummer/composer Jose “Gurri” Gurria has put together an amazing 20+ piece chamber orchestra, which brings together some of the most creative improvisers in Los Angeles, Gurrisonic.  Gurri had me come and document their recording session at the gorgeous Bridge Recording studio for the entire day. In this occasion, it was not Gurri but Marc Lowenstein commanding the ship and what a trip this was! 8 songs that masterfully took about 8 hrs to bring together while everyone handling their thing had things to say (sound corrections, rhythms and more to share) to make the songs turn out perfect.  Ngene Mwaura was painting in the sound booth and had to stop a couple of times to just listen as the creations where overwhelmingly and beautifully intense.

From the Gurrisonic website “Gurrisonic performs genre-bending original music, pushing the boundaries of instrumentation and style with a mix of spoken word, poetry, multi-media, and singer–songwriter work, framed by through-composed orchestral landscapes with tinges of avant-garde, jazz, and classical contemporary music.”  I do not have better words to describe this day filled with tons of team work and dazzling sounds.   Updates I’m sure will be shared at on their Facebook page and at when the release of this album comes to live and I highly recommend waiting for it, is beyond worth it.  For even more photos of this recording session please visit FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.


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