Musica Roots Magazine Presents LOS MASTER PLUS + Niña Dioz, 05’08’14

Musica Roots is a quickly growing latin culture magazine featuring lifestyle, music and art relevant to the latino community.  They took over Los Globos in Silverlake to host a dance party that would make the stiffest person in the room shake inevitably and at the same time, it was a great opportunity to celebrate the preview of  the official release of the printed preview issue of Musica Roots Magazine.  Niña Dioz, now based in Los Angeles brought all her Monterey hip hop firing up the night with extravagant beats, live percussion and her own unique style that even blended a cumbia at the end of her performance.

Once the crowd got warmed up, it was the turn of Los Master Plus, a duo from Guadalajara from whom we know only so much but they claim to be the kings of the party and have proved it with their wild live drum machine and synth beats making covers in Spanish of the clubbiest club songs (think One More Time from Daft Punk with sort of Norteño voice tones… sort of) blended with: Cumbia.   It was pretty fun to witness the fans jumping on stage eager to rub their butts with “sexy” moves in mini skirts against this exotic pair!  You can find even more photos of the night at FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.


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