Te’Amir Favela Record Release Party, 05’09’14

Fifty Seven, a modern american restaurant who recently opened in a dim corner of downtown Los Angeles also came with a semi hidden Downstairs that features art and culture luminaries.  This former Heinz 57 dock in the edge of the arts district was the perfect spot to release Favela, an album produced by acclaimed Los Angeles-based drummer and producer Te’Amir.   The fourth studio album of this Tiger is a beat-driven homage to the street culture of Brasil. 

From Te’Amir’s bandcamp:

There is beauty in the dark, in the struggle, in the broken.
A blazing fire, blood brick and cobble stone.
Freedom’s song pounds at hearts, sun kissed skin shine truth,
Children fly into salty waters, black hands shape past and present, palm oil, black eyed peas, colorful fabrics of passion and love.

I often relate my photographic work to seeking beauty in the dark encompassing beats and images that together will reflect the sound and movement of the night.  After reading Te’Amir’s bandcamp there was an immediate connection and being present was a must.  Although Fifty Seven’s Downstairs has a few details to polish, it was a great a great warm night to feel Favela at it’s fullest with a stellar line up of musicians fusing percussive samba sounds, choppy samples and warm melodies turning the event into a sweaty dance night by an outmost Tiger ensemble:  Kahlil Cummings/Balandugu Kan +Percussion, Mark De Clive Lowe + Keys, Mike McTaggart + guitar, DeQuante Johnson +Bass, Tutu Sweeney +trumpet, Te’Amir + drums +special guests.   Looking forward to more… for even more photos of the night please visit FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.




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