Subsuelo 3yr Anniversary ft Uproot Andy, Mexican Institute of Sound & Toy Selectah, 05’21’14

Los Angeles global bass party Subsuelo  has survived the terrible 2s! 3 yrs of existance on LA is truly a landmark and it feels great when parties are consistent and keep bringing their own versions of fun building across communities.  To celebrate, the Subsuelo crew put together a very heavy anniversary with major figures of global / tropical bass in our Continent creating great expectation from all parts involved and attending.  Uproot Andy from Que Bajo, Mexican Institute of Sound (MIS) and Toy Selectah is not something you get to live everyday on the same night.

Doors opened at 8PM and by 9:30 the house was already packed and the Subsuelo DJs Gazoo, Ethos, Gozar and Canyonazo had the party cracking!  DJ Sweet Beats brought her a DJ Truck, a former ice cream truck converted into an silver shrine that houses dj equipment, the envy of all the present djs.  Who doesn’t wanna cruise the streets playing sweet beats?  Adorned with a lit palm tree on top, Sweet Beats along with DJ Potira, kept the outside happening.  The world was warned to come early… but not all did, hence, sweet beats had the party going on the street.

Inside, when the flamencos took the stage the place was sizzling hot.  Gabriel Osuna and Gerardo Jerry Morales are not only a delight to hear but are also a feast to the eye. Pair them up with la Tigresa and you get a hot show.  When DJ Ethos jumps in for the call and response based on scratch and Tigresa’s tacones, that alone makes the place roar.  The flamenco / hiphop show ended and Gazoo had the crowd hyped, hands up in the air with 3sss, yes, 3 fingers up celebrating these 3 years.


The rest of a night became a heavy hits celebration.  Uproot Andy was renamed by Gazoo as El Rey after an amazing extended set that went from cumbia, to reggaeton, and and and… Here his World Wide Ting HERE to get a better idea.   MIS and Toy Selectah came passed midnight after a recording session and there was still a line outside!!!  cumbias and corridos made it through the end of this sweaty night.  Lights on, doors closing, it was hard to leave the space after this one of a life time thing.   Subsuelo will be building a year No. 4 full of surprises so stay tuned.

For even more photos of the night please visit FARAHSTOP the music photography archive. 

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