Gesaffelstein at Fonda Theatre – 05’22’14

Mike Lévy better known as Gesaffelstein, is a French techno artist and DJ. He wears a suit and smokes a cigarette during his performances.  He is slick, has an appealing haircut with some sort of stoic look. Grimy Goods knows that one of my favorite subjects are DJs therefore assigned me to go check out this night that as a preamble had a very lengthy and exasperating wait.   The crowd started to yell “bullshit” and when asking someone from the Fonda Theater reason for the delay, I was told “remember that movie when the assistant is trying to get the artist to the show???”  I didn’t know the movie, but yeah, I got the message.

About 40 minutes late, he finally shows up driving the crowd wild. Gesaffelstein started with some sort of gothic, dark yet solemn kind of tune that matched his DJ throne where you could not see the gear. His beats elevated to heavily industrial sounds with very precise cuts that perfectly matched the light show.  Mike Lévy worked on Kanye West’s “Yeezus“ and when dropping these tunes and making the floor literally vibrate the crowd was hypnotized, drooling and all.  The man is talented and handsome. Major highlight of the night:  The Light Show, perfectly in sync with his electronic sounds. I still need to hear a bit more from this gentleman to form a more solid opinion but in the mean time I’ll keep checking out the photos at FARAHSTOP 😉


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