Perhaps I’m having a house moment hence this write up may sound way loving.   I have been greatly enjoying the vibe at DEEP LA, a Los Angeles must go to House music party that hosts the most gracious DJs in the industry while having a very welcoming atmosphere.  On Memorial Day Weekend, Deep built an amazing night of tribute to the godfather of House, Mr Frankie Knuckles and what a way to honor his memory by bringing legend David Morales.  Brooklyn native, remixer, producer, Grammy award winner and more, David Morales has a way to create a feel-good dance atmosphere in which the floor needs a little extra baby powder to handle the many unstoppable dancing shoes.


Although DEEP’s main man Marquez Wyatt after giving an amazing set had to rush out to take a red eye flight headed to perform Detroit, he could have not left Sound Nightclub in better hands.  David’s infectious energy and prolific remixing skills, had the crowd vibing for hours.  Frankie Knuckles and David Morales along with a stellar crew, founded and created the sound of DEF MIX, a production company that brings the history of the remix itself with heavy House productions. There were hundreds in  attendance to this memorable DEEP night in LA and David Morales delivered a beautiful homage that will remain in many hearts.

Two personal favorite moments:  When David played the new Michael Jackson vs Timberlake track “Love Never Felt So Good” to the beat of House… and when he played it again in a more extended version.  It was perfect.  Frankie Knuckles died of Type II diabetes-related complications in Chicago on March 31 at age 59.  Thanks to this beautiful night and all in attendance, DEEP is making a significant donation to the American Diabetes Association.  For even more photos please visit FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.

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