Magnetica Days – Quantic in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is finally feeling like summertime. There are concerts everywhere and the blend of music with the warm weather gives us a universe of choices including sitting at home in front of the fan, or getting out there and be part of the heat. The city of Angels got lucky with multiple Quantic shows in different venues. Will Holland  aka Quantic is a British born musician, producer and dj making music saturated in the tropical soundwaves of the Carribean. Over the years, his productions come with a wave of freshness at the beat of soul, electronic and a myriad of latin flavors.   Quantic has had a number of significant side projects including The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro, Flowering Inferno, Quantic & Alice Russell, and Ondatrópica.

Now, Quantic brings us his first studio album Magnetica. Brewed in Colombia and with a stellar group of talented artist collaborating in its creation, the album displays a union seasoned with his electronic roots and tropical influences. Los Angeles got  a taste of it with his “Quantic Live Band” accompanied by Colombian singer Nidia Gongora, Brazilian singer Thalma de Freitas, LA’s own Todd Simon and more.

I missed day one at Amoeba, a very expected Quantic DJ set accompanied by vocals and Los Angeles music lovers of said record store / destination.  However I made it to Sonos Studio for his second show in Los Angeles for a pleasant Q&A orchestrated by KCRW’s Jason Bentley where the Quantic Live Band gave a preview of his new album to a live audience.  This teaser of Magnetica at Sonos was just enough to get the crowd hyped for was about to be a packed show the next day at The Roxy.


The legendary concert venue The Roxy hosted a night packed by tropical music lovers eager to dance the night away.  Los Angeles global bass crew Subsuelo opened the night to a welcoming crowd digging their bumpy and sweaty vibes with touches of scratch and tropical beats provided by DJs Gozar, Ethos, Gazoo and Canyonazo.  In addition Subsuelo put together a band that mixing cumbia, flamenco and soul plus sexy dancing by Tigresa, getting the audience mesmerized. When the Quantic Live Band came to the stage the Roxy was at capacity and had turned into a dance fest.  Both Nidia and Thalma’s voices were followed masterfully by percussion, winds and Quantic’s accordion that made  everybody dance to the sounds of Magnetica.   Secret highlight of the night:  Quantic brought only a few of his limited amount 5″ vinyl of Magnetica and only a number of lucky buyers were able to get it.  Only 100 of these have been pressed.



Los Angeles has one more chance to witness this Magnetica round at Grand Performances this upcoming Friday 7/11.  For even more photos please visit FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive:  Quantic at Sonos & Quantic with Subsuelo.

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