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Cali-Hustle! 07’08’14

Cali Hustle has been happening for a while, yet I made a stop until recently… tsk tsk tsk.

Hosted by the resident DJ Miss Sunny Z dropping the grown and sexy cuts and resident band QVLN performing live with full band, Cali Hustle can turn The Virgil into a hot California night any time of the year.   I am uncertain if it is due to the flattering looks of Quetzal Guerrero holding it down behind his blue violin, or is it because of Miss Sunny Z’s have body shaker tunes, OR is it thanks to the love that one to another shout out through out the night (damn lovely!) but the majority of the audience is formed by beautiful women dancing the night away… men, you are sleeping.


This party travels to the North and deep down in the South of the continent with sounds of Afrobeat, Samba, Soul, Cumbia, Salsa, Reggaeton, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk. QVLN masterfully switches from folk and rock to heavy hip hop bangers with smooth transitions keeping you moving nonstop. This is an experience that needs to be felt live and the opportunity is every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

For even more photos visit FARAHSTOP the music photography archive.

See QVLN’s new video “Burning Fire” … it is sizzling.

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Late Night Laggers presents: SUNSET CLUB LA ft Nola Darling, Kittens and Michele Maturo 06’08’14

Summer time is my favorite music season in Los Angeles. There are great music options for all kinds of flavors with music people making the effort to make outstanding days and nights.  The party crew Late Night Laggers are one of the worth checking out.  Although when summer has not officially started, LNL have initiated the season with their series of parties Sunset Club LA, a daytime rooftop affair connecting L.A.’s most talented, outgoing, and forward-thinking creatives and independent producers.

As an even greater treat, party #1 had an all female guest line up including DJ, producer, Cat Queen & Hip Hop aficionada, Kittens; Haiti & St. Lucia by way of New York and Los Angeles, their sound is a mix of new school fresh and old world cool Nola Darling (a must know about!)  and DJ and model, Michele Maturo.  Late Night Laggers brings a welcoming vibe to the underground independent music scene in the heart of Los Angeles and Sunset Club LA is an must experience affair this summer.

For even more photos please visit FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.

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Musica Roots Magazine Presents LOS MASTER PLUS + Niña Dioz, 05’08’14

Musica Roots is a quickly growing latin culture magazine featuring lifestyle, music and art relevant to the latino community.  They took over Los Globos in Silverlake to host a dance party that would make the stiffest person in the room shake inevitably and at the same time, it was a great opportunity to celebrate the preview of  the official release of the printed preview issue of Musica Roots Magazine.  Niña Dioz, now based in Los Angeles brought all her Monterey hip hop firing up the night with extravagant beats, live percussion and her own unique style that even blended a cumbia at the end of her performance.

Once the crowd got warmed up, it was the turn of Los Master Plus, a duo from Guadalajara from whom we know only so much but they claim to be the kings of the party and have proved it with their wild live drum machine and synth beats making covers in Spanish of the clubbiest club songs (think One More Time from Daft Punk with sort of Norteño voice tones… sort of) blended with: Cumbia.   It was pretty fun to witness the fans jumping on stage eager to rub their butts with “sexy” moves in mini skirts against this exotic pair!  You can find even more photos of the night at FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.


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Funky Sole ft DJ NuMark, 04’26’14

DJ NuMark, Uncle Nu, Mark, however you may know him knows how to make a crowd move.   When at party where he is around is inevitable to dance, or watch the dance floor madness, either is good.  Funky Sole, the raw funk party happening every Saturday at The Echo for quite a while now, hosted a night with DJ Nu Mark as a guest who had killer tracks, one after the other, in of course an all vinyl set.  Bboys where going wild and so was the crowd inside And in the patio where rock steady and heavy bangers turned the night Very steamy.  Members of Jurassic 5 were in the crowd and Cut Chemist arrived almost at the end of the night, greeting Funky Sole’s guest with surprising good night treats. If you are into funk, or just dancing like nobody is watching, Funky Sole is your night.  For even more photos of this past weekend, please visit FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.


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Subsuelo ft. GARTH TRINIDAD (KCRW) and DJ EKO – 02’19’14

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I am one of the founding members of Subsuelo, a global bass party happening at Eastside Luv every third Wednesday of the month.  We are a collective of artist and all  provide our own pieces of magic to our very warm night.  Or February edition was a tad little bit different than others, we were missing DJ Ethos since he is on tour with Los Rakas and our flamenca La Tigresa is out of town.

We are surrounded by tons of talent so the night got bumpy how we like it when our flamencos Gerardo Jerry Morales and Gabriel Lautaro Osuna were joined by the lovely flamenco dancer Wendy Castellanos taking over the tablas for the night.  DJ Eko did a fantastic DJ set with influences of AfricaLatina and KCRW‘s DJ Garth Trinidad surprised us with an all vinyl set, one banger after the other (he played Eurythmics, one of my favorites… I’ve sang Sweet Dreams to my nephews when newborn to put em to sleep).  To see the whole thing please visit FARAHSTOP the music photography archive and wait for Subsuelo March, tons of surprises right there.

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Grand Park’s Valentine’s Day ft Funke Sole DJs Music Man Miles & Clifton + Orgone & Breakestra, 02’14’14 – Review

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I shared more than one time in my social media sites how much I like Valentine’s day.  Is not about the mushy crap, or the religious myths behind it. Is about people, worldwide, focusing their energy in one of the strongest feelings:  Love… And that my friends is powerful.   I couldn’t do anything other than doing what I love, around music I love, with the people I love.

LA had a major concentration of my favorite loving things at it’s still fresh and gorgeous Grand Park who hosted a free night of LOVE  with the support of Nance Arte Productions and The Echo.  Funky Sole is LA’s premiere raw/funk soul party. 1960s – Now sounds adorned Grand Park  where lovers and friends (many single groups of friends) turned to the park to share a night under the stars and get their funk on!  DJs Music Man Miles shared the rare grooviness usually found at The Echo every Saturday night.  The bands Orgone and Breakestra gave amazing performances  under the LA sky while the lines for the beer garden where long, yet tolerable.  Check FARAHSTOP the music photography archive for even more images of how it all went down !!! and if you are still craving a bit of funk, visit Funky Sole.

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Bob Marley’s Birthday ft The Lions + DJ Boss Harmony & MC Junor Francis, 02’06’14 – Review

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Every year I’m stoked to celebrate the birth of the man who provided me with a daily mantra:  Every little thing is gonna be alright.  Bob Marley gave so much to reggae music and culture and this past February 6, The Lions paid their tribute to this legend with a very rowdy show at La Cita.

The crowd was already was already steamy with the sounds of Punky Reggae & Dub Club’s own DJ Boss Harmony making everyone irie.  When MC Junior Francis took the mic and introduce The Lions you can feel the uproar of eager attendants waiting for their live reggae fix.  Progressively the night got hotter and hotter to the sounds of these grown cats surrounded  by sweaty bodies twisting to the beat of The Lions.   Thus far, they are one of my favorite reggae bands and if you don’t know em, check out the video bellow and follow them! … Find even more photos at FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.

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ELECTRIC CIRCUS ft Marcellus Pittman, Zernell & T.K. Disko 02’01’14 – Review

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The other night I went to a new warehouse party, one of those with undisclosed location, a killer entrance and when inside, an awesome Huge room styled with visuals.  Mr. Grimy Edits, Chicago’s own Zernell has been in the underground scene for a good minute now and brought  this new night of good ol house music featuring Detroit’s dj and producer Marcellus Pittman taking night one of Electric Circus to another level.

Highlight:  Free red noses.

Looking forward to the next rad location, in the meantime, peep even more photos at the music photography archive FARAHSTOP


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U.S. Department of Bhangra Los Angeles ft Jeremy Loudenback 01’30’14 – Review

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I highly favor Bhangra music, that jumpy punjab beat that emerged late 70’s.  I like for many reasons, the way people smile when they move their arms as if they were changing light bulbs, the energy from the dancers but mainly:  the beat.  There are so many genres that depart from bhangra (or so I hear in my head).

This seems to be a season for new nights happening in Los Angeles and Bhangra is taking a special spot in the non mainstream scene.   U.S. Department of Bhangra , a night that had its residency in Washington DC lead by DJ Saadat Awan for 5 years, has now moved to LA.  This was my last January stop and I hope it keeps going strong.  This 1st night was programed to be in the upstairs small room at Los Globos, however due to a cancellation, they were forced to do it at the large room downstairs, perhaps a premonition of future full nights? Guest DJ Jeremy Loudenback from Discostan lead the ship long enough to warm up the crowd until Saadat took over the decks DC Bhangra style.

If life allows, I’ll be there again, in the meantime I’ll leave you with even more photos at FARAHSTOP the music photography archive.

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Funky Sole ft DJ Greg Belson + Djs Cris Cado & Dj Ghost 01’11’2014 – Review

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On January 11 I made a late, short, punctual stop at Funky Sole, LA’s premiere raw/funk soul party. 1960s – Now sounds.   While Mean Mr. Mustard was holding it down in the patio along with guest backyard DJs Ghost and Cado, DJ Chico was getting his groove on… and inside, cupcakes were getting lit up to celebrate the life of resident DJ Music Man Miles (Rootdown/Breakestra).  Clifton aka DJ Soft Touch (Sonic, Underground, Transistor) was getting his funk looking classy -as always- on the dance floor.   My visit was short, yet long enough to get the energy of the crowd stoked to celebrate the life of the Music Man.  I wasn’t gonna to my FARAHSTOP thing, I went to share birth day hugs, but then my photographer friend Chuck Chilla says “you shoot, I video the candle…”; guest DJ Greg Belson then announced the life celebration and that’s what happened.

For even more photos visit the photo blog FARAHSTOP.

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