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Western Standard Time – West Coast Ska celebration, 06’12’14

Ska is not necessarily my #1 music to play while I drive.  I know only so much about it but I feel it though.  However, after seeing the masterful performance of the 20+ piece orchestra Western Starndar Time (WST) more than a week ago at the Echoplex, being that I am still in awe, seems like my it might become my go to music this summer.

WST is a Jamaican jazz big band as well as an all star ska orchestra paying tribute to early 1960’s Jamaican Ska originators, The Skatalites. For more than 20 years, they have been fusing the original sounds of ska in the 1960’s with instrumentation of the big bands in the 1940’s providing an intense blend of roaring sounds beautifully in synch.

For this West Coast Ska celebration, commemorating 50 years of SKA music and 25 years of west coast SKA! WST was backed up by Hepcat singers Gregory W Lee and Alex Désert, Jesse Wagner of The Aggrolites, ska legend Chris Murray, Ocean 11’s Queen P and Malik Moore of the Lions, and Colin Giles of The Big Sound with MC Junor Francis orchestrating the night.   A lot of magical moments happened with duos and solo performances however the magic reached its peak with a last minute surprise appearance of Angelo Moore from Fishbone.

WST did one of my favorite things, music history. The energy, the performances, the night in general was one for the books and I trust it will be topped only by even greater nights from today’s ska elite keeping it fresh and alive.  Shout outs to Nancy Arte Productions and the efforts put together for nights like this.

For even more photos please visit FARAHSTOP the music photography archive.



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