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Cali-Hustle! 07’08’14

Cali Hustle has been happening for a while, yet I made a stop until recently… tsk tsk tsk.

Hosted by the resident DJ Miss Sunny Z dropping the grown and sexy cuts and resident band QVLN performing live with full band, Cali Hustle can turn The Virgil into a hot California night any time of the year.   I am uncertain if it is due to the flattering looks of Quetzal Guerrero holding it down behind his blue violin, or is it because of Miss Sunny Z’s have body shaker tunes, OR is it thanks to the love that one to another shout out through out the night (damn lovely!) but the majority of the audience is formed by beautiful women dancing the night away… men, you are sleeping.


This party travels to the North and deep down in the South of the continent with sounds of Afrobeat, Samba, Soul, Cumbia, Salsa, Reggaeton, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk. QVLN masterfully switches from folk and rock to heavy hip hop bangers with smooth transitions keeping you moving nonstop. This is an experience that needs to be felt live and the opportunity is every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

For even more photos visit FARAHSTOP the music photography archive.

See QVLN’s new video “Burning Fire” … it is sizzling.

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Planet Rock vs Circle Up at The Virgil – 01’25’14

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I had enjoyed an entire concert already, beginning til end,  but it wasn’t even midnight yet and I was still hyped on music and perhaps energy drinks (I’ll switch to something healthier some time, I will…).  I attempted appearing at a beginning after hrs however even when the host had invited me, security was kicking the recent arrivals out saying the party was over.  Meh.  I’m current search of freshness I didn’t hesitate on ending my nigh at The Virgil.

This place had a facelift from his old days of Little Temple and more.  Since then it has attracted its peer, an attractive crowd lover of fancy named drinks who’s taste will be worth the price.  On Saturday, for more than a year, the two rooms of The Virgil are filled with the beats of 2 different music nights with DJs that evenly have my admiration. If I need heavy grooves to lift my soul, I move to the room orchestrated by Rani D, Circle Up. If I wanna get down and sweaty and feel a heavy bass strong enough to shake my insides, I switch to Planet Rock with DJs Captain Planet and Canyon Cody.   It had been a long minute since I had been back, the crowd got bigger, the moves are more provocative or perhaps free-er?.  Whichever the thing is, every single corner of the place is packed with people having a good time.

Even more photos at FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.

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