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TheLift presents: Electric Wire Hustle 6’03’14

New Zealand’s Electric Wire Hustle has been hitting Los Angeles stages this week.  I went to see them at the Bootleg Theatre thanks to a lovely night hosted by one of my favorite underground party theLift.  The band’s fresh psychedelic soul and cutting edge sounds are worth sharing with the world, no doubt why their hosts decided to come to the light and spread their music.

EWH soulfully layers percussion, bass, string guitar and vocals with a very unique form to transport you to feel good spot with mellow yet powerful tunes.  R&B, soul, electronica are only  a few of the tags given to their dynamic sound.  Their song “Hype Machine”, has had wonderful reviews and their music has caught the attention of BBC’s Gilles Peterson and Benji B.  Not only did EWH put a hypnotic show but they also invited fellow New Zealand singer songwriter Kimbra to jam with them on stage.  Kimbra’s modern soul pop matched EWH’s style giving Los Angeles an honest treat by having them all together in an intimate (packed) night and we’ll be looking forward to their future productions.

For even more  photos please visit FARAHSTOP, the music photography archive.

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theLIFT (LA) presents 6TH BOROUGH PROJECT + SABO, 04’25’14

The other night I went to find them.  It was past 1AM on a Friday night and I knew the location was not in the safest streets, however, as many others felt, getting lifted was a must.   I am not going to say much because this not above the ground house party has a vibe of it’s own that is better lived than read.  If you got lucky, you got an address to go check out Craig Smith & Graeme Clark from 6th Borough Project as well as DJ Sabo.   Perhaps one day you’ll find them.  In the meantime, check out even more photos at FARAHSTOP the music photography archive.


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TheLift 4 year Anniversary – 02’22’14

As with many other nights a the very beginning of my music photographer journey I started going to theLift, an underground warehouse party happening in cool dark spots of downtown Los Angeles, for the music, the light (awesome light and visuals always) and the vibe.  It was great to find the spot for house music that was not exactly mainstream and where fantastic selectors would make you feel at home.

I remember the first year anniversary so fresh where Karisma, Nickodemus, Amon Drum took over the turntables at this amazing warehouse where every space was lit up with beautiful aesthetics and the environment felt as if it was taken from the Matrix underground in Zion (yes, the movie).

We have all grown since then, things have changed, my watermarked has changed and the disco ball is now this full gianormous moon where we still orbitate around… but bigger.

For a moment I thought I was not going to make it to the 4th year anniversary.  I was working stills for a video shoot earlier in the day and arriving at the right time seemed far from happening.  I’ve been at every anniversary of theLift and missing it was almost imminent however things started progressing at my earlier endeavor and I made it to reach the last bit  of Ms. Erykah Badu / DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown and Thudercat.   Reggae Pops, LA’s club kid had an accident a few days back, he insisted on telling me that he would go even if on a wheel chair.  I would not dare contradict him as we are bound to do what makes us happy and I made it right on time to catch a sweet embrace between DJ Lowdown and this forever young dancer.   I am still terribly sad to miss Dam Funk’s set however at that point the night was still young and Gilles Peterson took the decks to keeping an amazing vibe happening.  Even tho this was no longer an underground night, the fantastic visuals and light were still present along with the loyal Lift followers.  The killer surprise guest ending the night was no other than, of course, The Gaslamp Killer bringing an insane closure to this amazing festivity.

I have thousand of images of the many past Lifts and I can attest that tons of corners in Los Angeles are glad to have been part of this growth.  We are  beyond looking forward to live the future years of what is to become the evolution of TheLift and its creators Eric Tucker aka Wiseacre, Jeremy Sole and Jonathan Rudnick. Much respect to theLift team.

For even more photos of theLIFT 4th year anniversary, please visit FARAHSTOP the music photography archive. 

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